Tuition fees are


VAT included

350 €
VAT included.
Students enrolled in India

All students currently enrolled in Indian Universities

280 €
VAT included.

VAT included

450 €
VAT included.

A day (both morning and afternoon sessions)

100 €
VAT included.
Early Bird

Before 10 May

20% discount
VAT included.
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And then?

After you have applied

Successful candidates will receive instructions on how to pay by email – check the “selection process and succesfull applications” section.

The School offers 5 “FREETORINO SCHOLARSHIPS” covering accommodation. Those who are awarded a “FREETORINO Scholarship” will be lodged at one of Torino’s student halls (or similar kind of accommodation). A single or double (depending on availability) room will be provided. Included in the scholarship are also tickets for the University Canteen.
These scholarships may be applied for by all School participants who are currently students (i.e. undergraduates who have not completed their degree at the time of the holding of the School, or applicants who either are studying at the postgraduate level or will be doing so in the next academic year).
Priority will be given to students living abroad.
Application to the Scholarships is included in the Application form.

Note that the scholarship covers accomodation and food only – tuition fees are excluded.

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