2024 – Naya Bharat for whom?

India's future in the year of elections

Among temples, religious fervor, and the never-fully-achieved promise of development, ten years of Modi government have refashioned India. On the international stage, the country has gained centrality as a leading geopolitical actor; internally, beneath the surface of glorious claims and shining new projects, the political trajectory of the past ten years has brought about increasing contradictions, further marginalization for the most vulnerable strata of society, and insecurity.

In the year of the general elections, the 2024 edition will appraise ten years of BJP government, shedding light on the effects of the political and economic trajectory imprinted by the government, opening new questions for the country’s future. Where is the transition from India to Bharat leading?


Through an interdisciplinary approach, the School provides students with an opportunity to analyse key political, social and cultural issues of contemporary India.
Important recent trajectories of social change – as well as continuity – will be explored, encouraging critical reflection among students.

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